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About GAS

Georgia Administrative Services, Inc. (G.A.S.) was incorporated and licensed on September 15, 1995. G.A.S. also incorporated CompComplete, LLC allowing G.A.S. to provide bill review and aggressive telephonic nurse case management providing cost savings to our clients.

Key officers of G.A.S. are Roger T. Lane, President; Amy Schieffelin, Chief Operating Officer; and Carla Edwards, Senior Vice President.

Our staff has a combined experience level of over seventy-five years providing third party administration services to Georgia Group Self-Insurance Funds, Captives and Individually Self Funded Programs. Our companies have enjoyed a long term track record of loyal clients and employees. We have one of the highest client retention records and lowest employee turnover rates in the industry. The management team has been in place since 1995 continuing the philosophy to be the best in class in all we do.

Georgia Administrative Services, Inc. also operates a full service Policy Services and Underwriting Department responsible for the service of group-self insurance funds and captive insurance companies. G.A.S. has worked with each entity to customize the policy services and underwriting policies and procedures to meet each entity's different and changing needs.

G.A.S.' Policy Services/Underwriting staff are experienced in policy pricing, policy review, policy maintenance, coverage issues as well as developing and maintaining relationships with independent insurance agents throughout the state.

Georgia Administrative Services, Inc. is experienced in the placement of both excess and reinsurance policies. By utilizing various avenues, G.A.S. provides our clients with competitive quotes from various markets.

Our Loss Control Department specializes in customizing risk management solutions for our clients. We know our clients need to be proactive in controlling costs. By focusing on workplace safety, G.A.S. assists in minimizing employee injuries and large dollar claims to help achieve their goals.

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